At Infocus Photography and Video we offer a range of other services from transferring old footage to new formats as well as customised filming and production for any event or occasion both corporate and personal.

  • 8mm & 16mm Film to DVD
  • Transfer Video to DVD
  • VHS Tape Repairs
8mm & 16mm Film to DVD

History is a part of our lives and so is the era of domestic film making. Cost and manufacturing of 8mm films has been superseded by the digital age.

Video tape will become a recording media of the past. DVD look like it may too. Film projectors parts are no longer manufactured. This means it is becoming difficult to view these historical items. In years to come these films will become history. So to preserve and view your 8mm film history, we can transfer your films onto high quality DVD for viewing.

If you like we can even add music, voice-overs and/or titles.

We transfer 8mm and 16mm Films sound or silent.

To minimise losses to your film transfer process and reduce flicker we use film projectors, a high end telecine device - Yes we work with mirrors - and a sophisticated camera system.

These films are then transferred to USB/DVD for ease of viewing, and can be watched by all family members, anytime. Once on your preferred format, you can use them in a computer to view or edit with the appropriate software and/or project it using LCD projectors and screens to keep the film effect.

For a limited time we are offering at a reasonable cost - transfer of your old movies to DVD / USB. Cost for a film transfer is $5.00 per minute of film. A 50 ft super 8 reel, usually comes in a yellow plastic spool pack and runs for approximately 3.5 minutes - $20 each.

Please note: The minimum fee to transfer one single 50 foot 8mm film reel is $50.

16mm film minimum fee for one reel is $75. Please contact us if you require a quote for any 16mm films, sound or silent, including anamorphic lens conversion.

We also convert all types of video tape, audio cassette, vinyl and other material. So call us if you have any questions, we'd love to hear from you. 
Studio 03 5334 4889 (office hours).

Transfer Video to DVD
VHS Tape Repairs