By: Infocus Photography & Video | June 20, 2017

Going back through some old images recently, we found some from past family sessions that we thought deserved to see the light of day again.

These images showcase some of the prettiest locations Ballarat has to offer for photography.

Ballarat Botanical Gardens

By: Infocus Photography & Video | November 08, 2016

We show you a lot of our end product, what comes out of our camera when it is nicely finished and polished. But do you ever wonder what goes into creating an image?

This just looks like a normal image of a baby, right? Cute and all, he’s down in the grass just giggling away and being happy.

By: Infocus Photography & Video | October 25, 2016

Mini-sessions on our recent family day were such a hit we've decided to run them again for Christmas.

We're offering two great print packages, designed to give you just enough Christmas cheer to share with the family, without looking like an elf threw up on your wall ;)