By: Infocus Photography & Video | July 05, 2017

Although we love shooting in beautiful, interesting and different locations around the Ballarat region and in fact, the whole state of Victoria, sometimes the best place to have your portraits taken is in your own home. 

Our clients' home in the suburbs of Ballarat turned out to be the perfect location for this extended family session, on what turned out to be a dreary wet Summer day. Although we did end up shooting some images out in the yard, by far we found that the amazing light in the stairwell indoors was perfect for a light, airy feel to the images.

By: Infocus Photography & Video | June 29, 2017

You think you've got your hands full? Try this family with FIVE boys! This session from our archives was shot at the Ballarat Botanical Gardens, one of our favourite locations in the Ballarat area.

By: Infocus Photography & Video | June 20, 2017

Going back through some old images recently, we found some from past family sessions that we thought deserved to see the light of day again.

These images showcase some of the prettiest locations Ballarat has to offer for photography.

Ballarat Botanical Gardens

By: Infocus Photography & Video | June 09, 2017

We're digging back into the archives again to bring you another of our favourite sessions from the not-too-distant-past.

These fun teens were a pleasure to photograph. Often at this age siblings will fight like cats and dogs, but it was clear that wasn't the case with this family who were very close and all got along very well. The great feelings translated into the photos and we were able to capture some fun and relaxed images of the three of them.

By: Infocus Photography & Video | May 22, 2017

We're photographers. We're not good bloggers. As much as we try to show you all our amazing sessions, sometimes we get busy shooting other sessions, editing, printing or meeting with our clients, and blogging falls to the bottom of the list. But we know you love seeing your pictures on our blog, so we're trying our best to make that happen.

Here's one of our fun family portrait sessions from Creswick.

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