By: Infocus Photography & Video | September 10, 2018

You know what we bring to your session? Generally two photographers, two to four cameras, flashes, reflectors, memory cards, spare batteries, lens cleaners, lens hoods, spare's like Mary Poppins' carpet [gear] bag.

You know what you need to bring to your session? Just yourself :) And if you have long hair, maybe a hair tie in case it gets windy - we want to see your face. Otherwise, just enjoy not having to carry a pile of stuff around with you for a change.

It's best to leave bags (handbags, nappy bags, etc.), purses, wallets, phones, sunglasses, etc. in the car or at home. Particularly for the guys, don't put your phone in your side/front pants pocket thinking it's out of sight - we can see the outline and depending on your outfit, it can be really obvious in the photos.

If you have children with you and we're shooting outdoors, bring one toy (per child) that you or we can use to settle or distract them. 

Things are a little different if we're shooting in the studio. As you're not going to be carrying everything around from one location to another, you can bring more than one toy for your child if you think they need it. However, be wary of bringing too much and creating a treasure trove in your bag for your toddler to go hunting through - we need to be able to capture their attention. Feel free to bring props and larger toys if you'd like them included in your photographs. When selecting props, just make sure it's something that's going to add to the photo rather than detract from it.

If you're not sure what to bring (or what to wear), we can discuss all of this and answer any other questions you might have at your pre-session consult.

Category: Portraits