By: Infocus Photography & Video | February 21, 2017

Most of us have old family photographs at home, in cupboards, drawers and albums, in frames on walls or tucked away with other precious family keepsakes of generations passed. Often they are faded, bent, torn, cracked or folded, certainly not looking as good as they did the day they were printed.

We recently completed a wedding portrait restoration for local business manager Louise Jones of Ballarat Family Guide, and she was so thrilled with the result we asked her to tell you all about it.

Infocus: What is the origin of the photograph?
Louise: This is my grandparents' wedding portrait from the very early 1950s. They were married in Serbia and only had a handful of photos on their wedding day, but this one was a black & white image that had been painted over to give it a colour effect. When they immigrated to Australia in the late 1960s they bought it with them as one of their most treasured possessions. I have looked at it and admired their youth and the happiness in their eyes for the best part of my 35 years, and when my grandmother passed away early this year I wanted to make sure I could continue to admire it for generations to come. 

The original image

I: Why did you decide to have the photo restored?

L: The ink and paint on the photo were starting to crack very badly, and the colour had faded and yellowed over time. As a precious family memento, I wanted it to be scanned and saved digitally, but it was too large for a regular scanner and it was a bit warped from being in the ill-fitting frame. So I needed professional help to save it. 

I: How do you feel about the quality of the restoration?
L: I was blown away by the vibrance returned to the image. I would have been happy with a digital copy of the exact image we had, but the work Infocus did, by smoothing over some of the noticeable cracking and enhancing the colours and fixing spot damage are just more than I had hoped for. I'm looking forward to taking the new copy back to my family to see for themselves, I think they will be ecstatic. 


Photographs are our memories, and no matter how much you dislike having your photo taken, or how horrible you think you look in a photo, to someone else, they might see only beauty and happiness in your smile and in the memories you have created. So be in the photo, take lots of photos and ask other people to take photos of you so you can preserve your memories, because one day your grandchildren and great grandchildren will want to look back at your happy times and admire them the way I have admired mine. 

Louise with the original and restored prints

Pictured above you can see Louise holding the original image, mounted on cardboard and badly discoloured, together with the new print we created and printed in house on archival quality 300 gsm lustre photo paper. We were also able to provide Louise with a high resolution digital file for her future printing needs.

Do you have old family photographs that need saving? Prevention is better than cure and it is far easier to "save" a photograph before it is destroyed beyond repair. Give us a call on 03 5334 4889 or drop by the studio at 102 Main Road, Ballarat to talk to us about how we can save your precious memories.

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