By: Infocus Photography & Video | May 03, 2018

After Natalie & Nathan's wedding ceremony at the beautiful Loreto Chapel in Ballarat, we and the bridal party went back to the cottage where Natalie and her bridesmaids had gotten ready that morning. The cottage was just a small part of the property and we were pleased to have plenty of time to explore it and create some fun images with the bridal party.

Nathan doing his best impression of Rose on the Titanic...


In the images of Natalie getting ready we showed you a brooch which was a precious family heirloom. And we told you it went in the lake.

Well, here's when it happened...

We didn't get pictures of the aftermath, but one of the groomsmen had to strip off and dive in the lake to look for it. Luckily it was recovered!

Still some more photos to come from Natalie & Nathan's beautiful garden themed reception. Check future blog posts for more!

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