By: Infocus Photography & Video | April 26, 2018

Nathan, being a former St Pat's boy, had the golden ticket to be able to have his wedding to Natalie in the Loreto Chapel in Sturt Street, Ballarat. It is truly a stunning venue, one of the prettiest churches in Ballarat, with muted colours, beautiful light (sometimes!) and an amazing surrounding of carefully manicured gardens and lawns.

Arriving in a couple of vintage Holdens, including Nathan's 1974 HQ, his pride and joy, got the proceedings off to the right start.

Inside, father and son waited patiently for Mum (who was running a little late!)...son being slightly less impressed than father, by the look of it!

We mentioned the church is stunning, right?

Access to the balcony (for us) provides a uniquely elevated perspective of the ceremony.

Our spot on the balcony also allowed us to take a group shot which included the whole congregation.

There is also access to the exterior balcony on the front of the building which allowed us another elevated position to take some more group shots, including this sweet one...

Your wedding day is the day you can pash your other half in front of your entire family and not care who is watching! :)

Natalie & Nathan arrange for their guests to release butterflies outside the church after the ceremony. It was a surprise for the guests - they were handed envelopes and told not to open them until everyone was ready. Once opened, all the butterflies were supposed to flutter gently upwards, over the heads of the happy couple and the guests.

The wind got the butterflies and took them away a lot more quickly than we had hoped, but a few were attracted to Natalie's dress and flowers and hung around for a while for some photos.

We thought the last of the butterflies had disappeared, until we discovered one hanging on to Natalie's dress. You can just see it in the photo below. It stayed for so long we wondered if it had fallen back asleep (the butterflies are kept cold to keep them asleep in transport in preparation for release, then warmed up before release).

After Loreto we went back to the cottage for more photos in the interesting surrounds there. More of that coming in a later blog post. Stay tuned!

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