By: Infocus Photography & Video | March 25, 2018

At its very basic level, photography is about remembering. We take photos not to display the present but to record the past and keep it safe for later, when we want to come back, dust it off and take another look. And remember.

Sometimes, photos get very "dusty", and that's when you might need our help.

Our team has a special place in our hearts for the Australian Defence Force. Rob used to serve in the RAAF and Robyn is the spouse of a former Navy member. We were therefore pleased and honoured to be able to restore this very special photograph recently.

The photograph was taken by Reginald Haines, a British photographer in the early 20th century who had a studio in Southampton. Apparently his studio was destroyed during The Blitz in 1940-41 and most of his negatives were destroyed, making this image even rarer. For more information about the photographer click here. He is even credited with photographing Winston Churchill!

Original image

The inscription gives away this marvellous photograph's age as over 100 years old, and really was in reasonable condition for its age. However, over the years it has obviously been a little bent, water damaged, scratched, and just generally knocked around.

This photo was restored by scanning the original at 3200 dpi, digitally removing the scratches, cracks, pen and other marks across the photo and adjusting the brightness, tone and contrast of the image to make it clearer and sharper. We (and the client) were very pleased with the final result, which you can see below.

Restored image

If you have any old military photographs which need restoring, we are pleased to offer 20% off our restoration service on military images from now until ANZAC Day 2018. Just mention this blog post when you pop in with your photo to receive your discount.

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