By: Infocus Photography & Video | May 24, 2018

We're not huge fans of Google around here these days. It's kind of a long story why.

They broke our YouTube channel.

Ok, so maybe it's not such a long story.

If you're interested in the boring technical details and how to avoid it happening to you, here's what you need to know: Our Google business listing was duplicated. For some reason we were listed twice at the same address. We contacted Google to have the two accounts merged into one. Google failed to tell us that one listing would then be deleted and our linked YouTube channel, with a custom URL and all of our videos and subscribers, would disappear along with it. We only realised what had happened two days later when we logged into YouTube and reached a page telling us that the account no longer existed.

Boring stuff aside, we need your help!

YouTube refused to reinstate our account and the only way we can get our custom URL back (to make it easy for you to find us on YouTube) is to get 100 subscribers.

All you have to do to help us out is click on the subscribe button below.

What's in it for you? Every 10 new subscribers we get, we'll upload a new video to our channel. Will it be one of yours?

When we reach 100 subscribers we're going to give away a free portrait session (in Ballarat) to one of our subscribers.

And also, we'll be ever so grateful :) which hopefully counts for something ;)

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