By: Infocus Photography & Video | September 08, 2017

We know you know we Photoshop.

Good Photoshopping is kind of like make-up - it makes everything look polished and lovely, but if it's done properly you shouldn't be able to tell it's been done at all.

We try to keep images looking natural and realistic. After all, it is a photograph. If you wanted something completely unrealistic you could have someone paint a picture of you instead.

But sometimes, images warrant a little bit extra. The "wow" factor.

What do you think about this one? Been worked over or not? Probably the title of the blog post ("before and after") gave it away, but it doesn't look that overdone, right?

Everything looks "natural". The sky is blue. The grass is green. The people look like, well, people. All looks pretty realistic.

Well the problem is, as great as our cameras can be, they can't see what the human eye does. Your eyes have built in exposure and aperture control that change in the split second it takes you to look around and focus on something else.

Have you ever driven down the road facing into the sun and tried to look down at your speedo? It's really dark for a second, until your eyes adjust and then you can make out the numbers. But try taking a photo of that from your point of view in the car (NOT while you're driving, please!) and you'll see a completely dark dashboard and perfectly exposed landscape, or a perfectly exposed dashboard and a bright white light where your windscreen should be.

Landscapes can be the same, if you are shooting in to the sun. Which is why this photo needed a decent amount of tweaking to make it look as bright and vibrant as it does above.

Want to see the original? You'll cringe! And remember, it can't be unseen...

Are you sure?

Ok, here you go...

We told you...washed out, flat, and just plain blah.

Now you know what we do behind the scenes (and why sometimes you DON'T want to see what's on the back of our camera!).

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