By: Infocus Photography & Video | May 05, 2017

If you've ever called us at the studio asking where to find us, chances are we'll tell you "we're across the road from Barkly Motorlodge". It used to be an interesting (to say the least!) shade of pink, but thankfully it has recently been painted and now looks brand spanking new. We were very pleased to be able to photography its recent makeover.

Corporate photography doesn't have to be boring. A stunning Ballarat sunset gave a new dimension to some of our images and perfectly highlighted Barkly's new colour scheme.

We were also able to produce some more creative work including long exposure photography right on dusk, which is a perfect time to shoot almost anything.

If you happen to be staying at Barkly Motorlodge, feel free to pop over and visit us at the studio! We're at 102 Main Road, Ballarat.