By: Infocus Photography & Video | June 22, 2017

When Chris & Steph got married earlier this year in Ballarat, the weather wasn't smiling. But despite the temperature only reaching a very chilly 14C, these amazing lovebirds didn't let the weather bother them.

This photo (below) is one of our favourites from the day. Steph and Chris are getting ready to welcome their first child, and we wanted a subtle but sweet shot showing the love these two have for each other and their baby.

Steph's uncle provided a stunning vintage Dodge for the bride's chariot for the day, and we had a lot of fun shooting with it. It gave us a bit of a Bonnie & Clyde feel so we kind of went with the theme and got Steph showing us some serious attitude.

A little bit of fancy Photoshopping gave us a classic vintage look.

Then Steph got her hands dirty trying to get the darn thing started again...

Then they were off to their reception...

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