By: Infocus Photography & Video | August 07, 2017

Here's a flash back to one of our beautiful Melbourne weddings.

Andrew and his groomsmen looking sharp!

That stunning dress!

These are the candid moments we love to capture. You can't pose this!

Joanna's cute little niece was a perfect flower girl.

Drop by the studio if you would like to see this ^^ printed over five feet tall. It's pretty impressive!

There are a few kinds of grooms. Nervous ones. Excited ones. Terrified ones. Andrew was clearly an excited one. And if we know grooms, probably also a little of the other two as well :)

They were so happy to get to the altar.

I love this image ^^ So sweet!

Guests receiving communion.

Finally married!

White doves represent purity. The release of two at a wedding symbolises the bride and groom entering into their marriage with a clean slate and no regrets to commence their life journey together.

There were three Chevrolets on the day to ferry around the wedding party.

This bluestone lane in Coburg (or was it Brunswick?) provided a perfect backdrop for Joanna and Andrew's portraits.

Bridal party hamming it up.

Firenze Reception Centre in Fawkner looking on point.

A popular tradition in Italian / Maltese and other European weddings is for the bride and groom to cut the ribbon, usually when they enter the reception. This symbolises new beginnings.

First dance.

The stunning white cake.

All wrapped up at the end of the night.

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