By: Infocus Photography & Video | July 03, 2018

Did you know we don't just take photos?

We also do dubs, media conversions, image restoration and file recovery.

What's a dub?

Dubbing is copying media content from one format to another, like from your old VHS tapes to DVD so you can still watch them.

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By: Infocus Photography & Video | June 21, 2018

Pop culture would have us believe the only place to do that is your own living room, but Lauren and Rob discovered a whole bunch of other great locations as well.

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By: Infocus Photography & Video | June 08, 2018

Looking Back as well as Forward: A History of Ballarat Community Health, written by Leanne Howard and Keir Reeves, was launched at Ballarat Community Health at Lucas late last year. 

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By: Infocus Photography & Video | May 29, 2018

You've seen the photos, but we didn't tell you there was also a video! Simon & Mary had no idea we were shooting this but were pleasantly surprised with the final product, as are we.

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By: Infocus Photography & Video | May 24, 2018

We're not huge fans of Google around here these days. It's kind of a long story why.

They broke our YouTube channel.

Ok, so maybe it's not such a long story.

If you're interested in the boring technical details and how to avoid it happening to you, here's what you need to know: Our Google business listing was duplicated. For some reason we were listed twice at the same address. We contacted Google to have the two accounts merged into one. Google failed to tell us that one listing would then be deleted and our linked YouTube channel, with a custom URL and all of our videos and subscribers, would disappear along with it. We only realised what had happened two days later when we logged into YouTube and reached a page telling us that the account ...

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