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By: Infocus Photography & Video | September 08, 2017

We know you know we Photoshop.

Good Photoshopping is kind of like make-up - it makes everything look polished and lovely, but if it's done properly you shouldn't be able to tell it's been done at all.

We try to keep images looking natural and realistic. After all, it is a photograph. If you wanted something completely unrealistic you could have someone paint a picture of you instead.

But sometimes, images warrant a little bit extra. The "wow" factor.

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By: Infocus Photography & Video | September 01, 2017

It's finally spring, which means warmer weather, dryer ground and brighter colours. Best of all, it means a spectacular floral display in the Ballarat Botanical Gardens.

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What is "cosplay", you ask? It's basically dress-ups for grown ups, and it looks like a whole lot of fun! People spend hours, days, weeks, creating costumes based on their favourite film, book, TV or movie character. The costumes can be simple or incredibly detailed and accurate.

You may remember Kayla and her amazing Enira the Banshee Queen costume from an earlier blog post.

This video shows the transformation from Kayla to Enira and the amount of work that went in to not only the costume but the effort involved just to get Kayla into the finished product.

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There's a reason wineries are so popular as wedding venues, and it's not just because there's plenty to drink!

Carl and Felicity choose Goona Warra Vineyard as the location for their nuptials and the scenery did not disappoint! But before we get to the stunning location, we need to take you back to where we started, with the bride at her family home.

Another wedding flashback! We're loving trawling through the archives to bring you some of our favourite brides and grooms from over the years. We had a stunningly beautiful day for this Ballarat wedding of Rachael and Aaron.

As with most weddings, we started with the groom and his groomsmen getting ready at home. This is always the most relaxed part of the day because, let's face it, the groom has the easy job! Have a shower, a shave (or not!) and throw on a suit and they're good to go!